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The magic of turquoise

They never go unnoticed. Turquoise, with its deep blue color that reminds you of the ocean, is often the center of all looks, leaving the viewer memerized.

Turquoise is a magical stone, full of history, as it also sits at the center of many legends, representing happiness, fortune, and strength. 

Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones and is one of the first ones used as an adornment. Many centuries later, we still see turquoise up front and center of every summer season to add a color accent to our outfits, set in bracelets, pendants, earrings, or rings.

At Hissia, we have also fallen for the magic of this gemstone. You can see it in many of our jewels, reinterpreted in our minimal, everyday wear designs. These designs are also created to be worn all year round, as we love timeless designs.
Its unique color will elevate any look, adding a delicate and bright sparkle, while still being easy to combine or accent to your current look.

Anillo Sira


Anillos Chloe

Dormilonas Chloe asimétricas  

Gargantilla Chloe turquesa


Su color es el gran poder de esta piedra, que como decíamos, resulta hipnotizante, lo que sin duda, la dota del poder necesario para transformar cualquier look, dotándolo de originalidad, luminosidad y delicadeza. Además, se trata de un color realmente agradecido que permite infinidad de combinaciones con un amplio abanico de colores en función del resultado final que busquemos... 

Como cuidar las turquesas

 A jewel is a faithful companion that only needs to be treated with care to stand the test of time. 

Turquoise is a very sensitive stone due to its phosphate composition. We therefore recommend you to avoid their contact with perfume or cosmetics, which could alter its color.  

De la misma manera las turquesas son sensibles a productos químicos, por lo que no es aconsejable que recurras a ellos para limpiar la piedra. La parte positiva es que es una piedra muy agradecida y con solo un paño suave, lograrás hacerla brillar. 

Use only a dried soft cloth to clean your turquoise jewels and store them in a separate pouch or box to avoid scratches.