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Passionate about design: women who inspire us

Yaiza and Zaida are friends and passionate about design and creativity. Together, they share their vision to create beauty around them. Read below to find out about their project to create impossible combinations with a refined and joyfull style. We hope you get as inspired as we do!



 Zaida and Yaiza at Terrazzo
espacio Terrazo


Yaiza and Zaida are friends and owners of TERRAZZO, a interior design store and studio. We met some years ago, when I discovered El Jardín, their former project in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. From the beginning I was striked by their vibrant personality and their aesthetic universe, eclectic and sophisticated. They have just reinvented themselves opening a new concept, a beautiful place that we just couldn't resist to visit. Joined by my friend Amuhaici, stylist and owner of Espacio A and Yolanda, our photographer, we had a fun afternoon full of jewels, design and strong and creative women.  


Mixing entrepreneurship and creativity

Congrats for your new project. What's the story behind this project?

Our story started eight years ago, and this year we started over with this new project, new image and new space. 

We are the souls behind Terrazzo. We are crazy about design, architecture and art. We love creating spaces that make people feel good. 

At Hissia we love Terrazzo universe, a rich and sophisticated world. We love your ability to mix colors, prints and textures integrating them in a refined and harmonius way. How would you describe Terrazzo style?

Our style is very personal, we love to mix and match, and combine objects from different periods, materials and styles. Always in sync with our customer needs. 

We are actually inspired by everything. Our goal is that our customer gets a wider aesthetic vision, and for us to be able to learn from each other trying to get the final result integrates their and our visions and requirements. It's really exciting to see the customer happy with a result their never imagened before.

You are both behing this project, and to me, an example of how to partners can integrate their different personalities. How would you describe each other's contribution to this project?

We always thought that our differences are our strength. Dealing with them is a challenge that helps us grow. We have gradually learned to understand each other, acepted them and letting us go. We really think that that has made our mix so interesting. 



Zaida posando con una selección de argollas y pendientes ascendentes en oro


Yaiza with a selection of our new hoops collection
argollas de nuestra colección


Interior design from a personal vision


What can we find in this new space?

This space has been completely created by us, and we wanted it to represent us. The store has a very neutral base, as our product has a strong personality. We believe in more is more, and it's easier for the customer to have a product vision with a clean space. 

All the pieces are selected by us with all our love. We must fall in love with them, so you will find us at a 100%.

At the lower flower we have located our studio. You can find us working there and we wanted to create a comfortable and cozy feeling. We spend a lot of time there with our customers.



 "We love creating spaces that make people feel good"


Terrazzo and Hissia share a common passion for art and fashion. What do you two design lovers think about Hissia?

Hissia is more than wearing a jewel. When you meet Bea you realise that behind each design you can find her essence. From the most delicate piece to an statement one. You can find her balance, her elegance...And we could go on and on...We love the new collection and the fact that there are so many options to choose from. We love wearing different pieces at the same time and need diversity in terms of design. 



Beatriz posing with Carmen necklace and Famara drop earrings  gargantilla Carmen y pendientes Famara 


Could you choose your favorite jewel?

To us, the most iconic jewel is the Sira ring, which we both have. We just love it!!



  Sira green onyx ring and Thin rings Marrakech